You are Beautiful.
You are more than enough.

Your value comes from within. You have to believe that you are beautiful.
You don’t need affirmations from others to feel important or valued.
How you view yourself truly shapes who you become & your future.

Start by loving yourself!


You can benefit from being physically fit.

Being fit can help you improve self-esteem and decrease the risk of health problems in the future. Pick a fun physical activity. It can help you meet the physical and emotional challenges. You can pick riding your bike, dance routines, swimming, or even walking your dog. Some young ladies feel more comfortable doing home exercise videos. Videos are a good alternative but they shouldn't replace active time with friends or your favorite sport. Brainstorm ways you can enjoy physical activity with your mom, dad, friends or cousins. Pull your planner out. Set a date & time.

You can do it. Work that body girl!

Every young lady is born with a special gift inside of them.

Most girls have more than one gift or talent. Discovering your gift makes you more beautiful on the inside. Your gift empowers you to be a wonderful person. Are you a great writer, dancer, skate boarder or singer? Maybe you are a math wiz problem solver, animal care giver or you love caring for others? It’s time to make a list of all the things you enjoy or you know you are awesome at! You got this girl! It’s time to dig out the gifts in your heart. A gift or talent cannot be taken away from you. You can find one thing that you enjoy and the people around you enjoy it also. Find books, blogs and websites on the topics you like. It’s time to master your craft. When you mastering your craft, you bring out the best in what you do. If you are a gifted dancer you must practice daily to create new dance moves. If you can draw, you must draw a picture daily to become more skilled. They say practice makes perfect, but practice helps you master your craft perfectly. We are super excited to help you discover your gifts and talents. Let’s do this.

Pretty girls are gifted girls.

Being smart about media influence.

Today media comes in many different formats. There are books, magazines, newspapers, television, movies, video games, music, cell phones, various kinds of software, and the Internet. As you know, the popular media of today is social media.
Have you ever thought about the many ideas that media is giving you? Have you thought about were beauty ideas come from? These are great questions to think about. The media can give you hints and ideas on what is beautiful for a teen or pre-teen. So of these ideas aren’t the best if they cause pain or future health problems to look perfect. Some ladies are tall, short, wide and fluffy. Some ladies have wide noses, thin noses, green eyes, brown eyes or hazel eyes. Some ladies have medium skin tone, dark skin tone, darkest skin tome and very fair. The list can go on and on. You shouldn’t allow the images from media influence your own beauty that was giving to you from the Creator.

You must be strong and wise to pick the truthful standard of beauty.